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Bearing Induction Heating FAG Heater 800

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20 / 02 / 2023
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Detail Bearing Induction Heating FAG Heater 800

FAG Heater 800 Induction Heater: This heavy duty, standalone heating device is designed to heat bearings and other rotationally symmetrical parts made from steel so that they can be mounted more easily on a shaft to achieve a tight fit. Horizontal coil position allows uniform heating and prevents bearing damage from brinelling caused by too rapid heating of the workpiece. This device is suitable for work pieces of a minimum bore of 150mm (50mm with accessory ledge) with a mass of up to 800kg. An infrared remote control is provided with this heating device, allowing the user to start the heating process from a safe distance.

Benefits: 5 year return to base warranty, Sliding table available for ease of use, pre-programmable temperature and timescales minimise temperature dfiferences between the inner and outer ring.

Brand / Quality: FAG - High Quality
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